Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keep a little nitrate in saltwater aquariums

The ultimate search for Keeper Reef Marine is the settings for the water near the sea naturally as possible. One of the main problems for the hobby is to provide a minimum level of nitrate, although not completely ruled out.

You must have an adequate understanding of the nitrate cycle, here's a quick guide.

Fish produce waste, is located in close proximity to us, it contains ammonia. The ammonia is then processed by bacteria into nitrite called Nitrosomonas. Nitrite into nitrate and then by another bacterium Nitrobacter. The last part of the cycle, where the nitrates are consumed by plants and algae and a change in normal water.

* The first and most important is the regular small water changes. Thus, approximately 10% of the weekly amount of the development of the aquarium with a high organic load, memory aquarium high nitrate and the first place. If your aquarium a small bio-load and nitrates are not encouraged to change by 25% every month to replace the trace elements out. It really is common knowledge and should be part of the maintenance of your corals.
* Use the exact amount of the rock alive is important because it is a natural filtration, and go with a good amount of money for you to continue from small stones and filter allows filtering of the work and impact of nitrification on the water . The money must be at least 24-times the amount of the allocation of the opening of your aquarium, be taken into account, even at low speed, where the position of love corals.
* Use the right amount of sand, many believe, to do what is known as the "nitrate factory" deep foundation can cause problems if they are not full of nitrification bacteria, this May, the time to mature, it is not advisable, with sand a light fog, enough to the surface of an aesthetic pleasure.
* I believe in the sand at any depth not to interfere. The use of a lift is performed with a vacuum cleaner and the substrate, in my opinion should not be made. Deletion of bacteria and the release of nitrate. With this method I have found to the Nitrates Directive.
* T-shirt with his right foot and slowly, at the top of the socks you have problems, I assume you are using water is very general, but the changes that you live in one room 3 with 2? It is not only easier on the pocket also allows the bacteria to the biological. Like a good wine, it matures with time.
* Over the meal can lead to high levels of nitrate, especially in the new aquarium set. If they are not receiving, eating, and then there is a greater burden on the biological aquarium.


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