Sunday, July 5, 2009

Discuss Fish Care Tips - Easy Tips on Caring For Discuss Fish

Theme fish are very sensitive creatures and the best way to care for them without stress. Give them enough space to hide a great ideal of planting and the temperature of the water and balance the pH. Above all, the water clean. It is a fundamental discussion fish care.

Here are some recommendations for the owners of the discussion:

* The temperature of the water 26th and 31 Degrees Celsius, and the balance of pH 5.5-6.5. The pH shall not be less than 5, in this case, it could lead to the bacteria in the filter in your aquarium

* Keep Disco with other fish, which lives in the background of your aquarium clean the waste, the Discus.

* The darker are the ideal lighting for disco too.

* Disk reared in captivity, it is easier if the water a little harder then usual. Discuss in captivity can survive in a pH of 6.8, which is not used for the rearing of fish.

* A further discussion of fish care at the top is often used by itself, the water in the aquarium.

* The power supply in May Bloodworm the fresh or frozen or on the Engerling. They must be fed 2-4 times daily.

The golden rule for the consideration of the maintenance of fish to the change of temperature or pH or the environment. Be sensitive to the sudden or ill or even die.

Therefore, for these beautiful creatures tropical taste with their new house to make them a condition that can mimic their natural environment. That is what they do to the warm and tranquil waters of the river Amazon. Do not forget to care fish hard, if you want your fish to be healthy, happy and beautiful.


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