Friday, July 3, 2009

Breed Red Devil Cichlids

Red Devil cichlids are beautiful fish, but only because the very aggressive. For aquarists who are already experienced in the maintenance of the cichlids, they see that the Red Devil breeding tilapia nothing to do. In preparation for maintenance, it is better, the Red Devil cichlids in the aquarium with plenty of water and ideal conditions, and the food that they consume a diet. One way to placate large cichlids spawning grounds Red Devil is an increase in temperature in the aquarium at 24-28 ° C (75-82 ° F).

Spawning cichlids for creating the environment is an important part of the process of education. What happens in nature Red Devil akan tilapia select stone, wood or on the ceiling of the cave as a place on this site, and so good for things like in the Cichlid Aquarium.

So, as you make a difference between men and women Cichlid? You will see how the adult male Cichlid clear bump on the forehead and sharp genital. The Red Devil Cichlid man is usually greater than in women. A form of cichlids and a man and woman and the parents of the couple always their baby.

Before spawning occurs, the more aggressive men against women. Therefore, it is important to find women tilapia many hiding places in the aquarium to hide the human Cichlid. So, to help you clean the aquarium with one that is too small for the men of the Red Devil Cichlid swim by. This enables women to escape, a safe place in the aquarium. If not, he is in May of injuries or very sick because of stress man Cichlid.

However, after a connection has been created for a pair of Red Devil cichlids, they will be moved inside the tanks. The parents are also digging a hole. After laying the eggs of women around 600-800 eggs, the male egg is fertilized. After the egg has been fertilized, the parents participate in rearing their children.

At this stage it is advisable that the family alone. Red Devil tilapia famous for their aggressiveness in attack they penetrate into the region, particularly in terms of maintenance. In the area of men and hold akan akan women tend to the eggs. The eggs hatch after about 3-5 days.

Cichlid parents, soon to other plants, they have dug the well to the tank. It is a newborn baby cichlids eat mucus from the skin of the fish. Five days later, the seedlings grew large enough to swim in the aquarium. Now you can feed the babies live with cichlids snack.


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