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Learning to Recognize and Prevent Occupational Diseases and Koi

All animals have a high immune system, to protect against viruses and bacteria that cause the disease. In general, it is sufficient to prevent the disease, but if the load is high, this system of defense of course fail. The same applies to fish and koi disease is usually a result of too much stress caused by the poor quality of water, not enough food and drastic changes in the temperature of the water.

The carp is known as one of the largest fish and the impact of the modern koi. But in their search for the colors and the reasons for the Koi, the breeders are not a burden, their immune system and can thus Koi sudden changes in temperature and water quality.

Koi are underlined by a high content of ammonia in pond water, the poor level of pH, oxygen and not enough food. If these fish are under stress, they can succumb to parasites, fungi and bacteria to his knees in the water. Although the majority of diseases caused by these things can with salt, kanamycin and other drug treatment, it is better to avoid this and focus on prevention.

Locks and other parasites Trichodina is one of the greatest threats to the health of koi. Given your pool with water and care for the health of your collection, the only way, parasites can affect your fish by introducing new Koi in the pond. Regardless of the reputation of the source of your Koi is not 100% sure that it is free from pests. For this reason, the species should be a quarantine. You must be quarantined before the introduction in your catchment area. The quarantine is an ideal of at least 21 days, even your new Koi time to stress to be packed in a crate and transported for several hours.

Choosing a good health of the fish from the pond and then in the quarantine tank setup with your new Koi to help quickly, because these fish are accustomed to with other members of its kind, this is also the possibility to monitor possible differences in behavior of the new fish for the health of your Koi. Usually, the illness of a koi is a tendency to ignore and in an area of the pond or tank.

Koi disease can be easily found by just that the fish swim. If they are unusual behaviors such as scratching its side against the rock or pond, or near the surface or the fans in the last trains, or swim in an uncomfortable position, is a sign that she died as a result of pests or fungi and viral diseases. There are several treatments for sick Koi, but until now nothing prevention. Once in the camp of the test kits on the pH, the concentration of ammonia and oxygen amount can be a long way to keeping your fish, without stress, happiness and health in their home.

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Tropical Fish Guide for Those Who Are New to Tropical Fish

Then you're ready to discover the fascinating world of tropical fish enrich possession? They have an excellent choice! Owners of exotic pets entertaining and stimulating. You have a lot of responsibility from the beginning, but once you have learned how to care for your tropical fish, you're good to go. The tropical fish, beginners guide will help things a lot easier if you prepare for your new pet.

The first step is that you place and what you're ready. With the size of a purchase can be difficult. The people your pet store and exotic tropical fish can be a great help for you. Normally, the best format for the new owners of tropical fish is 10 to 20 liters. You can easily and if you have good experience with this large tank, you can count on a larger tank.

Many stores sell pets in those days-tank kits. It may be useful if you are not very familiar with what the fish need to live and what they want. But be careful, do not buy a package that is cheaper. It is a bit expensive if you are in this society. Ga is not the cheapest way you can go to your fish in danger. Cheap Articles in May and autumn kill your pets.

You need a solid, with a lid and a stand to keep your aquarium. You may also purchase a lamp and filters for your aquarium. Prior to do something to clean your aquarium with warm water. If you are a kind of soap or detergent, it is essential that you rinse tank. You do not want to poison fish!

Check if your tank is full, and then about an inch of rocks at the bottom of the tank. There are a variety of colors and decorative gravel, you can for your container. Be creative and give your new pet a nice home to enjoy. Add the water reservoir of about 80 degrees. It is the ideal temperature for most tropical fish. Make sure and contact the pet shop, before the fish into their new house.

Tropical fish can not be stored near windows or other bright light sources in nature. Light enables the production of algae polluted reservoir, and the murder of your fish. A 5 watt light to your fish happy and after the light. Once your tank is full, and at the right temperature, you are ready to make your fish.

There you are again on these issues, the pet owners of the shop, to show you the fish less maintenance, they have to offer. Choose a couple of different types of fish, which at once clear and interesting, and easy to care. Some fish, in contrast to the popular opinion are not good. May you not stop you in the door, but some fish are very predatory pricing. Learn more about the types of fish that you are not from a mixture of pet to your new one.

Make sure that the diet of your fish a good diet. It is important to do this, unless you want your fish sick or kill them. Feed your fish the amount of food and the food at the same time every day. Not too much fish to eat, they can be in death! Keep your own tank and an eye on your new roommate, especially in the first few days home.

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How Ras African Cichlids

Many aquarists that you use for maintenance of the cichlids in the aquarium because of various shapes and colors. A long time ago, is enough to consider them in the aquarium is not enough, this tilapia fish fans want their own. In fact, the maintenance of cichlids is interesting to watch because of the behavior of parents and is very well organized, the activities that can be selected. Cichlid attitudes of parents, including parents' care in one of three categories: open brooding, dark cave, and Mouth brooding.

Most African countries are cichlids mouth brooders. In other words, are women, African Cichlid egg in their mouth. First you need to settlement. Often when a woman is ready to mate cichlids, cichlids all very aggressive and men more often against them. Or, if you only have a few, who in May will be aggressive in the case of one woman who stress and mortality. Instead, you 3. May women to every person in the tilapia. Who will not spend the chase occupied several men with the women and allow women the opportunity to work during hunting playback.

The breeding colony of African cichlids love have a good atmosphere with lots of caves, stone, rack and column can be in the region and their reproduction. Do not bother, they all function as aquarium plants, they will be removed from the cichlids. Equally important is to eat, and African cichlids bring context they breed. Spirulina flakes, and is in the earth is a very good quality of the diet of African cichlids.

When the reproductive male and female fighter, a clutch of dance, in trémousse against women. Women who are laying, and then looking in the mouth. Male will fertilize the eggs. The whole process is repeated until the women lost interest in hunting and other men's women's livestock, and repeat the process again.

Non-fertilized eggs are eliminated. Women will continue to be fertilized tilapia eggs in the mouth until they slip. This process may take three to five months.

To baby cichlids living in Africa, it is important to have a woman to a smaller tank, before the baby is born cichlids. If not, adults eating cichlids. When the baby is born, the baby in the spawning fish before eating cichlids mother.

Cichlids for the baby, you can eat with a fine powder in food flakes. Meanwhile, the woman is good they have cichlids health before they return back into the tank. Also try to keep the children with cichlids the same size, because they are afraid to eat!

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Betta Fish Care The Easy Way

Care of the fish can no longer simply have a very small fish that are 2-5 cm long life and very easy to maintain and keep healthy while you are using the guidance and counseling available tu. It is important, a good environment for them, even by real or silk plants (plants may damage plastics and hangover Betta fins) and ornaments for the fish alone. You also need to feed your Betta fish once every day or two and make sure that a healthy and varied diet, the May, flakes, granules, and freeze-dried food costs. You need to provide your Betta in pretty much everything to see what kind of food that you better.

Here are some tips to make your Betta fish care.

1 - Remember, Bettas have a system to secure the breathing, which means they can breathe the air at the surface, but there is always a filter cart, and it is important to note that the long-finned Betta too well with little power as possible.

2 - Betta can learn to their owners, and also give them the games, remember. Make sure that your company reserves of fish and tell her hello from time to time in order to learn who you are. Bettas recognize people, but especially because they are related to the diet of the time!

3 - If the maintenance of the care of fish, you should use your Betta with a drug in the event of illness. This could be treated with antibiotics or antifungal, and when your business is fish, but most are sorted so that is always prepared.

Betta fish needs a lot of attention and care it is important not to neglect, because the fish does not mean they need less attention than, for example, a dog. Of course, you can not go, a fish, but they have a large company and pets, as long as your Betta fish care and ensure that everything is well prepared. For more information on the care of Betta fish, visit the local fish store or online.

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Frag Tank System for The Promotion of Aquaculture

For every success, there are coral lovers come a time, because the reef is doing well and have good growth. This leads to overcrowding and coral, cut well, necessary. This is a great opportunity, the cost of the coral reef aquarium and promotion aquacultured reef aquarium hobby. The impact of our hobby and is often worth the effort to minimize negative impacts and it is always an asset.

A tank has some characteristics typical of the Reef Aquarium. First, ask for a reservoir system is very low in the reservoir rock. Rock is still alive is required for filtering, but should be in the oil sump or refugium. The idea is a place for coral frags. This also allows the effectiveness of flux, due to various constraints often cash items.

The system must be as strong as possible to improve the efficiency and the pump. Good for frag tank size ranges from 8 to 12 inches. Frag tank, coral stringent SPS can not even six inches. If the tank is a mix of coral frags with the technical requirements of light, then it is the best, with 12 inches.

It is important that high, medium or low light areas in the container. This is important because it is very easy to overwhelm a shallow pond. A Coral frag circumcised is that in low light conditions in the aquarium that was suddenly exposed to 250 watts in a few centimeters of water could mean disaster. A sudden increase in intensity that can quickly bleach coral.

High flow is very important in the tank, because the frag frags new balance high speed required to avoid contamination. In addition, the reservoir is usually a call to increase the growth rate. For this reason, good flow properties to help reduce the resolution of the litter. How Ad aquarium, it is important that water is random and direction. Finally, the space must be arranged in the system has zero cash. Xenia as many live corals or mushrooms is the time to adjust to the object after the amputation. Coral need an area with almost no power to improve. A good place for this is a refugium or marshes.

A pool is not always a complex and expensive equipment. Nano-tanks are very popular and can be very simple. With enough effort and time, it is very possible to tank the investment. Growing coral frags was a fun experience and an excellent opportunity for our reefs.

Los Angeles is a coral reef-Shop, in a special live coral, macro algae and other marine animals, animals to Riffaquarien. The reefs are owned and operated by fans and run under the slogan for a holiday hobby. He has been the success rate at 8 years of experience with many thousands from the beginning.

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Secrets Fish Discus - Color and Type

There are many fish to know a secret, but many people do not know, because so many colors and different forms, the discus fish. When the fish came to the secret, here you can find the color of the fish and the discussions that will never be the same as the others.
Color variants

1 the most fish, the brown variety, the most widely in nature. They have a brown color to their site, and the second color, which is almost not visible.
2 blue or green discus is different next most common, but they have little more than two colors, either blue or green.

3 colors of fish diversity, differences in the kingdom. The debate has two colors, the tape all over her body and has a beautiful color. This type of discus fish the most popular and always a place to save the fish stock. They are very easy to say, except the color of the disk from farmed fish, because they are less than the base color, clear with gold in the chest.

4 hard red dotted green is very rare in the wild and captive breeding and have a basic red with a green with two holes in the points.

5 colors last much discussion, the clamp, which is one type of discussion, and they can be of three black lines with a more viscous than other fish.

Secret is that only two fish species, discussion is a red turquoise, red and green with black lines. It is also possible to vary this Leopard disk, which, if the red line, not that place. The second is a variety of Blue Diamond a solid disk, cobalt, if the black band on the body have been removed, and culture in turn, have a discussion in the light and color bar, which is less so for most of the discussion remain.

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To Keep Tropical Fish

If you believe, to keep tropical fish as a hobby, my proposal is simply not to think and start. There are many types of fish that you are successful with little effort. When you return to the idea, though I seriously recommended for freshwater fish.

There is much to learn when the first fish, and you can follow the process better. Keep the fish in the mix. Salt effects on the quality of water in a way which is unique and it is much easier, with a freshwater fish.

Do not worry of the whole. If you do this, you can in the next few years, reading books and websites and never really surrender your first aquarium and it is a shame because it's very fun and relaxing hobby. Take ten or fifteen minutes per day and watch your fish you suddenly slow down and relax. On this day and age, that May is not a bad thing.

Fish are relatively easy and with a little knowledge and practice. Most fish are sufficient to meet the varying conditions of water no problem. What you must do is ensure that you mix the fish have the same quality of water for pH, temperature and hard water, and then to ensure that the water quality of the settings in line with the fish.

If this is your first time that we try to keep more fish. This can be solved with a wider variety of water is much milder a mistake of beginners. They are often cheaper than the other species are very interesting and comes in various shapes and colors.

I would also recommend a sown crops in the tank, too far to help the water quality because they nitrates in the water. Nitrates are always in aquariums for the simple reason that the fish waste into nitrate is converted by the cycle of nitrogen. With the increasing use of nitrate, the plants reduce nitrate levels and to help you, free of algae and the tank is safe for the fish.

What do you know that this is no longer on the tropical water fish on the other side. This allows you the art of water that you keep the art, tropical fish and can react quickly to the demands for more native species to a better use of water and a small number of parameters of water.

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Quick and Easy Steps, a Guide to The Aquarium of Freshwater Fish

With so many people who have a fresh water aquarium, I think it is a good idea at the bottom of the beautiful and simple instructions for people who have not started on the wrong foot and then before you start. If you are correct, you have the assurance of the life of leisure, such as fish.

OK, here goes.

The first step is to decide on the type of fish you want to keep. To not do so. Always consult with your home to receive, because they are usually very good and has a very good knowledge of what they sell and the better for your personal preference. You may not aquarium tank in the busy area in the house because it can cause a barrier for fish and may not be direct sunlight or project. Perhaps it would be better to remove the tank with a damp cloth to be used by visitors from all side effects.

Before the substrate (gravel) to the water and through them to the ship as uniform as possible. You need about one inch container substrate in May a little more, a half-inch a.

Next, place a filter or tank, depending on the type of day and in the right cartridge. When using the heater in the tank, but not all at the moment. You decoration, you should use to clean the water before them in the tank. If you plant and then fill the tank halfway, add, and leave the container about two inches high.

You have the basis for an aquarium with fresh water if you need advice or are not sure about something that is not recommended. Instead, ask your home. Start on the right track and get a good and happy with the fish aquarium and happy owner.

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Recommended Screening for Saltwater Aquariums

Quality of water in an aquarium with salt water is important. This is because their bodies more than they swim in the sea with the aim of preventing dehydration they need to the sea, so that they are more susceptible to harmful substances. It is very important to have a good influence on the amount of the fine details, like a saltwater aquarium with filtered correctly.

There are two types of saltwater aquarium filters: mechanical and biological.

Both types of mechanical filtration in saltwater aquarium is a filter and protein recycle. Overall, two water circulation in the tank. Aquarium filter with water and on the screen of waste and waste in suspension. Often there are also activated. The filter must be cleaned regularly by the decomposition of the waste associated with air pollution. Protein elimination of waste is resolved. Your invention into a new hobby and is very effective.

Filtering of the life cycle of nitrogen, will benefit from the recovery of ammonia excreted by the fish. Beneficial microbes to the ammonia into nitrites and nitrates, relatively harmless. Colonies of bacteria is the need, the surface of the old biological filtration, which are considered obsolete today, the Metro-filter. Waste accumulation of overtime and to clean, or they will be the efficiency. She is the new system of "living stones". Live rock rock harvesting in the marine animals that live there. Although more expensive, more powerful and more natural. There are also algae and small organizations, the fish are able to feed itself.

A good aquarium filter, the two types of filters. A saltwater aquarium is an investment of time and monetary union. Make sure enough information about the different options before you try to make a sea of people.

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