Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recommended Screening for Saltwater Aquariums

Quality of water in an aquarium with salt water is important. This is because their bodies more than they swim in the sea with the aim of preventing dehydration they need to the sea, so that they are more susceptible to harmful substances. It is very important to have a good influence on the amount of the fine details, like a saltwater aquarium with filtered correctly.

There are two types of saltwater aquarium filters: mechanical and biological.

Both types of mechanical filtration in saltwater aquarium is a filter and protein recycle. Overall, two water circulation in the tank. Aquarium filter with water and on the screen of waste and waste in suspension. Often there are also activated. The filter must be cleaned regularly by the decomposition of the waste associated with air pollution. Protein elimination of waste is resolved. Your invention into a new hobby and is very effective.

Filtering of the life cycle of nitrogen, will benefit from the recovery of ammonia excreted by the fish. Beneficial microbes to the ammonia into nitrites and nitrates, relatively harmless. Colonies of bacteria is the need, the surface of the old biological filtration, which are considered obsolete today, the Metro-filter. Waste accumulation of overtime and to clean, or they will be the efficiency. She is the new system of "living stones". Live rock rock harvesting in the marine animals that live there. Although more expensive, more powerful and more natural. There are also algae and small organizations, the fish are able to feed itself.

A good aquarium filter, the two types of filters. A saltwater aquarium is an investment of time and monetary union. Make sure enough information about the different options before you try to make a sea of people.


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