Monday, June 29, 2009

Betta Fish Care The Easy Way

Care of the fish can no longer simply have a very small fish that are 2-5 cm long life and very easy to maintain and keep healthy while you are using the guidance and counseling available tu. It is important, a good environment for them, even by real or silk plants (plants may damage plastics and hangover Betta fins) and ornaments for the fish alone. You also need to feed your Betta fish once every day or two and make sure that a healthy and varied diet, the May, flakes, granules, and freeze-dried food costs. You need to provide your Betta in pretty much everything to see what kind of food that you better.

Here are some tips to make your Betta fish care.

1 - Remember, Bettas have a system to secure the breathing, which means they can breathe the air at the surface, but there is always a filter cart, and it is important to note that the long-finned Betta too well with little power as possible.

2 - Betta can learn to their owners, and also give them the games, remember. Make sure that your company reserves of fish and tell her hello from time to time in order to learn who you are. Bettas recognize people, but especially because they are related to the diet of the time!

3 - If the maintenance of the care of fish, you should use your Betta with a drug in the event of illness. This could be treated with antibiotics or antifungal, and when your business is fish, but most are sorted so that is always prepared.

Betta fish needs a lot of attention and care it is important not to neglect, because the fish does not mean they need less attention than, for example, a dog. Of course, you can not go, a fish, but they have a large company and pets, as long as your Betta fish care and ensure that everything is well prepared. For more information on the care of Betta fish, visit the local fish store or online.


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