Monday, June 29, 2009

How Ras African Cichlids

Many aquarists that you use for maintenance of the cichlids in the aquarium because of various shapes and colors. A long time ago, is enough to consider them in the aquarium is not enough, this tilapia fish fans want their own. In fact, the maintenance of cichlids is interesting to watch because of the behavior of parents and is very well organized, the activities that can be selected. Cichlid attitudes of parents, including parents' care in one of three categories: open brooding, dark cave, and Mouth brooding.

Most African countries are cichlids mouth brooders. In other words, are women, African Cichlid egg in their mouth. First you need to settlement. Often when a woman is ready to mate cichlids, cichlids all very aggressive and men more often against them. Or, if you only have a few, who in May will be aggressive in the case of one woman who stress and mortality. Instead, you 3. May women to every person in the tilapia. Who will not spend the chase occupied several men with the women and allow women the opportunity to work during hunting playback.

The breeding colony of African cichlids love have a good atmosphere with lots of caves, stone, rack and column can be in the region and their reproduction. Do not bother, they all function as aquarium plants, they will be removed from the cichlids. Equally important is to eat, and African cichlids bring context they breed. Spirulina flakes, and is in the earth is a very good quality of the diet of African cichlids.

When the reproductive male and female fighter, a clutch of dance, in trémousse against women. Women who are laying, and then looking in the mouth. Male will fertilize the eggs. The whole process is repeated until the women lost interest in hunting and other men's women's livestock, and repeat the process again.

Non-fertilized eggs are eliminated. Women will continue to be fertilized tilapia eggs in the mouth until they slip. This process may take three to five months.

To baby cichlids living in Africa, it is important to have a woman to a smaller tank, before the baby is born cichlids. If not, adults eating cichlids. When the baby is born, the baby in the spawning fish before eating cichlids mother.

Cichlids for the baby, you can eat with a fine powder in food flakes. Meanwhile, the woman is good they have cichlids health before they return back into the tank. Also try to keep the children with cichlids the same size, because they are afraid to eat!


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