Sunday, June 28, 2009

Frag Tank System for The Promotion of Aquaculture

For every success, there are coral lovers come a time, because the reef is doing well and have good growth. This leads to overcrowding and coral, cut well, necessary. This is a great opportunity, the cost of the coral reef aquarium and promotion aquacultured reef aquarium hobby. The impact of our hobby and is often worth the effort to minimize negative impacts and it is always an asset.

A tank has some characteristics typical of the Reef Aquarium. First, ask for a reservoir system is very low in the reservoir rock. Rock is still alive is required for filtering, but should be in the oil sump or refugium. The idea is a place for coral frags. This also allows the effectiveness of flux, due to various constraints often cash items.

The system must be as strong as possible to improve the efficiency and the pump. Good for frag tank size ranges from 8 to 12 inches. Frag tank, coral stringent SPS can not even six inches. If the tank is a mix of coral frags with the technical requirements of light, then it is the best, with 12 inches.

It is important that high, medium or low light areas in the container. This is important because it is very easy to overwhelm a shallow pond. A Coral frag circumcised is that in low light conditions in the aquarium that was suddenly exposed to 250 watts in a few centimeters of water could mean disaster. A sudden increase in intensity that can quickly bleach coral.

High flow is very important in the tank, because the frag frags new balance high speed required to avoid contamination. In addition, the reservoir is usually a call to increase the growth rate. For this reason, good flow properties to help reduce the resolution of the litter. How Ad aquarium, it is important that water is random and direction. Finally, the space must be arranged in the system has zero cash. Xenia as many live corals or mushrooms is the time to adjust to the object after the amputation. Coral need an area with almost no power to improve. A good place for this is a refugium or marshes.

A pool is not always a complex and expensive equipment. Nano-tanks are very popular and can be very simple. With enough effort and time, it is very possible to tank the investment. Growing coral frags was a fun experience and an excellent opportunity for our reefs.

Los Angeles is a coral reef-Shop, in a special live coral, macro algae and other marine animals, animals to Riffaquarien. The reefs are owned and operated by fans and run under the slogan for a holiday hobby. He has been the success rate at 8 years of experience with many thousands from the beginning.


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