Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning to Recognize and Prevent Occupational Diseases and Koi

All animals have a high immune system, to protect against viruses and bacteria that cause the disease. In general, it is sufficient to prevent the disease, but if the load is high, this system of defense of course fail. The same applies to fish and koi disease is usually a result of too much stress caused by the poor quality of water, not enough food and drastic changes in the temperature of the water.

The carp is known as one of the largest fish and the impact of the modern koi. But in their search for the colors and the reasons for the Koi, the breeders are not a burden, their immune system and can thus Koi sudden changes in temperature and water quality.

Koi are underlined by a high content of ammonia in pond water, the poor level of pH, oxygen and not enough food. If these fish are under stress, they can succumb to parasites, fungi and bacteria to his knees in the water. Although the majority of diseases caused by these things can with salt, kanamycin and other drug treatment, it is better to avoid this and focus on prevention.

Locks and other parasites Trichodina is one of the greatest threats to the health of koi. Given your pool with water and care for the health of your collection, the only way, parasites can affect your fish by introducing new Koi in the pond. Regardless of the reputation of the source of your Koi is not 100% sure that it is free from pests. For this reason, the species should be a quarantine. You must be quarantined before the introduction in your catchment area. The quarantine is an ideal of at least 21 days, even your new Koi time to stress to be packed in a crate and transported for several hours.

Choosing a good health of the fish from the pond and then in the quarantine tank setup with your new Koi to help quickly, because these fish are accustomed to with other members of its kind, this is also the possibility to monitor possible differences in behavior of the new fish for the health of your Koi. Usually, the illness of a koi is a tendency to ignore and in an area of the pond or tank.

Koi disease can be easily found by just that the fish swim. If they are unusual behaviors such as scratching its side against the rock or pond, or near the surface or the fans in the last trains, or swim in an uncomfortable position, is a sign that she died as a result of pests or fungi and viral diseases. There are several treatments for sick Koi, but until now nothing prevention. Once in the camp of the test kits on the pH, the concentration of ammonia and oxygen amount can be a long way to keeping your fish, without stress, happiness and health in their home.


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