Sunday, June 28, 2009

Secrets Fish Discus - Color and Type

There are many fish to know a secret, but many people do not know, because so many colors and different forms, the discus fish. When the fish came to the secret, here you can find the color of the fish and the discussions that will never be the same as the others.
Color variants

1 the most fish, the brown variety, the most widely in nature. They have a brown color to their site, and the second color, which is almost not visible.
2 blue or green discus is different next most common, but they have little more than two colors, either blue or green.

3 colors of fish diversity, differences in the kingdom. The debate has two colors, the tape all over her body and has a beautiful color. This type of discus fish the most popular and always a place to save the fish stock. They are very easy to say, except the color of the disk from farmed fish, because they are less than the base color, clear with gold in the chest.

4 hard red dotted green is very rare in the wild and captive breeding and have a basic red with a green with two holes in the points.

5 colors last much discussion, the clamp, which is one type of discussion, and they can be of three black lines with a more viscous than other fish.

Secret is that only two fish species, discussion is a red turquoise, red and green with black lines. It is also possible to vary this Leopard disk, which, if the red line, not that place. The second is a variety of Blue Diamond a solid disk, cobalt, if the black band on the body have been removed, and culture in turn, have a discussion in the light and color bar, which is less so for most of the discussion remain.


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