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The African Tiger Fish is a young model, was approximately 5 "long, when this photo was taken, and with hands, it could be 30" long.

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Finally, a large aquarium with a filter on the outside with a Bio-Rad, and a maximum of 1 / 4 inch gravel. The water temperature should be 75 to 80 degrees F. Click here for more information about the aquarium water.

Recommended Diet

African tiger fish eat small fish and crustaceans like shrimp and live ghost shrimp in large supermarkets sold for human consumption. Click here for general information about the diet of fish.


were very few fish in our aquarium tiger Africa, and let these fish for a few weeks until they get used, and loans to customers that they deserve. So, we do not have many first-hand information on the compatibility of tank matt. The African Tiger Fish, shown in the video above on this page, lives in a large aquarium with several Bichir and Synodontis catfish. Click here to learn more about some other groups, the compatibility of the fish.

Size and lifetime

African Tiger Fish grow 30 "long. Your life we are unknown, but they live, perhaps for many years.


FAMILY: Alestidae
TYPE: Characins
MAX SIZE: 70” (approx. 175cm)
ORIGIN: Africa
DIET: Carnivore
CHARACTER: aggressive
MISC: Ideal water pH: 6.7-8.3, they require strong current and swim
in shoals


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