Monday, July 13, 2009

Planting date Fish Tank Maintenance

An effective system for the aquarium maintenance routine, that is the difference between success and a non-Tank Tank. It is very easy to do the routine maintenance of the week and even easier to forget things that should be done less often. It may seem superfluous, but I would always have a diary of things, so you know exactly what to do and when it is finished.

Your routine maintenance during the day, week, month and six months of its term, to ensure that you diarise with them, and you find that your fish and plants remain healthy and happy.

The daily tasks are more about perception than anything else. Of course, you eat fish on a daily basis to take this opportunity to give a look and make sure everything is in order. Have a quick staff to ensure that no one deceased, and still a threat to the premises to pollute the tank with a hint of ammonia.

Are they or are they normally eat. This may indicate a potential problem. While the tank, a glance at the thermometer. Is the temperature, as it should. And the water must remain constant.

Each week you should replace your water on hand for water changes. Use the 10% to 25% water change vacuum the substrate to remove non eaten food and fish waste. If there is a lot, you may need to feed fish. Clean the glass with a spatula algae. This is a good time for maintenance, removal of leaves and death and once again found that all began.

On a monthly basis, you need things like filter change, cleaning of filters. Do not change your filter media at all, make sure you have about half of them in the space for biological filters work.

Test for water quality every month once the reservoir matured, more often if you have any problems. Write the results, so you can see a trend in the area and the problems before them great.

Every six months, or you must use fluorescent tubes. You can always the same, but they lose power over time and should be amended so that your plants healthy.


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