Friday, July 24, 2009

Stress kills fish

We have everything, but we are on this topic? Stress kills fish! Stress is not good things in large quantities, including our own, it is not surprising, therefore, to close at 1188.07 points, the fish. But how can I appear? Like all of us in the number of infections of fish in their blood, skin and gills, when most of our time, it has no effect. The body's defense system will be very happy.

Then we do something, stress and sleep-related infection is usually very good results.

You have to look for new fish, all cases of bad fish or white box. Let me guess, you have everything good, quarantine is still in progress.

Stress. Fish know that stress the importance of a variety of reasons, we must understand that if we are to reduce outbreaks of fish.

Take a long view of the test aquarium. Most of the best fish or swim in the local authorities, the same day, if the cold or the Middle East from top to bottom, I bet you most of the fish patrol in the same area.

And then introduced a new child block. Even a completely new group, they will need in the area. Well, if you're lucky, you fish in a democratic country, to sit down and discuss these issues a new label, no problem. However, they chase each other in tanks, the position of the game until one side or the other, and for smaller areas, and stressed in this regard.

Your sick fish, and the issue of speculation. You will soon decline in fish stocks and the flies, because you are a stranger in the tank.

Therefore, you can do to what? Stress! The majority of fish swimming in the same model. Therefore, the combined mode, you type the new. Mobile accessories or two new factories with new fish. New areas of the small area. However, it is not only the border point, and then add the fish.

I think you will be surprised. Your new and old fish faster, I bet, you will not receive any disease in the aquarium lobby. Give it a try, and finally have nothing to lose.


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